Building H O M E


“A man travels the  W O R L D  over in search of what he  N E E D S  and returns  H O M E  to find it.” -George A. Moore

When I think of what I want my life to look like when I’m 80, I keep coming back to a picture of the home I want to have. It’s filled with unique treasures, every piece holding a story and a tale of some  W I L D  and  H O L D  adventure God led me on.

It’s a colorful collaboration of temporal and eternal.

It’s a place where the turquoise front door swings open in warm welcome to anyone who passes by, a place where I want you to stop and sit on the porch swing—

and drink lemonade and share what adventures you’ve been on when I’m too old to travel the world. 

It’s a place of sustainability and greenery and growth, a place of art and worship and praise. Because when I’m 80, I hope to have realized- while God takes us all over the world, He always brings us back to the places and people who mattered.

H O M E the first place we learned to love people. 


2018 // Wild + Holy


G O A L S   aren’t things to be   C H E C K E D   O F F — they are meant to be   L I V E D

Years ago, I used to make elaborate New Years Resolutions that never became reality—because let’s admit, how practical is the goal of sewing an entire historical wardrobe? In my defense, I do think I accomplished more of my NYR than most people in spite of my go-big-or-go-home approach.

Yet looking back, I don’t remember most of those goals today. 

So instead of making a list and never checking it twice on New Years Day, one year I decided to   N A M E   my year. To give it a theme word that would carry me through the highs and lows, an invitation of sorts for God to come in and work in big ways.

2013: The Year of Living in the Center of God’s Will 

2014: The Year of Echad (Living for the Audience of One)

2015: The Year of Emuna (Faith) 

2016: The Year of Savor 

2017: The Year of Celebration 

2018: The Year of Wild + Holy 

W I L D   +   H O L Y .   For me, it’s an invitation to follow Holy Spirit in bold and brave ways. It’s love and law, it’s chaos and calm.

It’s where Holy Spirit shows up and miracles happen. 

I admit, naming the year “Wild + Holy” seems like I’m asking for a crazy life—but then again, if my life is already a crazy circus…

I just want   G O D   to   S H O W   U P   in it.

So hey there, 2018. Let’s do wild + holy together. 

Brown Over Black // Funeral Fashion


D R E S S I N G   W E L L   is a form of   G O O D   M A N N E R S 

– Tom Ford –

December is normally filled with holiday parties and a festive spirit, but I think it’s important to remember that not everyone is enjoying holiday cheer.

For some, the holidays will never be the same. 

This past weekend was my aunt’s funeral. She truly was one of the classiest woman I knew, with an air of grace and poise about her. And while most people no longer follow funeral protocol or tradition, I knew it would be important to honor my aunt’s legacy with appropriate attire.

Except, I refuse to wear  B L A C K .

So I substituted black for brown—a color that suits my complexion much better and one I’m more comfortable in. I purchased this 4-sizes-too-big brown   D R E S S    from the thrift store several years ago, and after altering it, it has become one of my staple wardrobe items. I wore a warm camel-color   S W E A T E R   underneath, knowing that we would be going to the cemetery after the funeral service. Some funeral traditions forbid the wearing of jewelry and leather, so in lieu of a necklace I wore a rich yet neutral   S C A R F   along with a faux leather   B E L T .

C L A S S Y   and   R E S P E C T F U L .

Some occasions still require proper etiquette, no mater how modern the times. 

Breakfast and Self Care


B R E A K F A S T . 

I don’t know about you, but I genuinely enjoy breakfast. However, I can easily get into a “rut”, eating the same thing every morning — or worse, just grabbing a granola bar before heading out the door.

I forget that if I take care of myself, I’m able to better take care of others. 

I forget that if I give myself a   L I T T L E   more time, put in a   L I T T L E   more thought, take a   L I T T L E   more effort … a    L I T T L E    more goes a   L O N G   ways.

Reading Allison’s post this morning gave me some extra inspiration to get back into taking care of myself first thing in the morning. I decided to stop, make a list of all the healthy breakfast foods I like, and then save that list so I’m reminded of nutritions options on the days I’m in a breakfast rut.

If I want my day to go well, I need to be well-fueled in order to accomplish everything I need to do. 

Let me know — what are some of your favorite breakfast foods? Would you want to see my breakfast list as well?

Hope of Spring


Maybe it’s weird to be talking already about   S P R I N G   when the midwest hasn’t even officially hit   W I N T E R , but in reality:

I need the hope of spring to get me through. 

So when I saw this little $2.99 delicate flower at Aldi in the midst of poinsettias and Christmas cactuses (cacti? whatever, there were multiples), I knew I needed to snatch it up. As I held it in my hands, tracing the buds that were about to open, it whispered promise to my soul.

Promise of   H O P E .

Promise of   N E W   things.

Promise that winter seasons don’t last   F O R E V E R .

A promise that God is here, even in the midst of dark seasons, cold season, hard season. A promise that hope will spring forth from darkness, life will come from ashes, and the sheets of ice will melt into rivers of water again.

Even as the days grow darker and colder, my little white flowers bloom on, a still and silent reminder whispering to my heart:

Keep blooming, even here. 

What reminders of   H O P E   does your heart need today?

(also- it won’t make life easier, but you may just want to head to your nearest Aldi and buy yourself your own hope-promise flowers. amen.)

Legacy and Heirlooms


I love hand-me-downs, because they tell a story. Maybe it’s who I am as a writer colliding with my younger history buff self, but there’s something precious about connecting with people’s stories.

A hand-me-down is an invitation to continue on the journey, making history of your own. 

This autumn, my grandmother gave me a pair of earrings she wore as a newlywed. My entire life, I’ve never seen grandma wear these earrings. Yet, they were special to her because of the memories they held from her younger years, enough to hang on to them and keep them safe all these years.

There are some items worth treasuring for the story they tell. 

I’m all for not holding on to things you don’t need or don’t wear—but there are certain items that are worth holding on to for what they may mean to others. In keeping these pieces safe, even when you don’t wear them or use them, it says I love you in a way that crosses generations.

It’s a legacy of history, a legacy of love.

An invitation to continue making history while still being connected to the past.

Fresh Starts // PowerSheets Tip


“Tomorrow is always  F R E S H, with no mistakes in it.”  —L. M. MOUNTGOMERY

For the majority of my life, my mother has been trying to get me to use a planner consistently. You will rarely find her without her planner in hand—while I can’t find mine buried on my desk.

Planners don’t work for me. 

But the older I got, I realized I did need something in my life to help me keep everything together…and PowerSheets have been that for me. There’s something about chasing a dream and goal, rather than simply listing all the tasks.

It gives space for creativity right alongside of productivity. 

PowerSheets have been a game changer for me, but they still lack the daily planner element. I understand the reasons why they want to keep goal planner from personal daily planner separate—but let’s be honest, if I had a hard enough time keeping track of ONE planner, there’s no way I’m keeping track of two.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. 

If you’re a PowerSheets user, you’ll notice that there’s three  B L A N K  pages every month, which, if you divide each page out into approx. 1.5 inch slots in 2-column grids, it gives you enough days to write out a calendar, with space for your daily tasks. It even gives you some extra slots, too, to write down important notes or lists for the month—things that normally wouldn’t fit on your tending list.

A   S P A C E  for everything, with everything in it’s  P L A C E.

What kind of planner works best for you? Please do share!