Fresh Starts // PowerSheets Tip


“Tomorrow is always  F R E S H, with no mistakes in it.”  —L. M. MOUNTGOMERY

For the majority of my life, my mother has been trying to get me to use a planner consistently. You will rarely find her without her planner in hand—while I can’t find mine buried on my desk.

Planners don’t work for me. 

But the older I got, I realized I did need something in my life to help me keep everything together…and PowerSheets have been that for me. There’s something about chasing a dream and goal, rather than simply listing all the tasks.

It gives space for creativity right alongside of productivity. 

PowerSheets have been a game changer for me, but they still lack the daily planner element. I understand the reasons why they want to keep goal planner from personal daily planner separate—but let’s be honest, if I had a hard enough time keeping track of ONE planner, there’s no way I’m keeping track of two.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. 

If you’re a PowerSheets user, you’ll notice that there’s three  B L A N K  pages every month, which, if you divide each page out into approx. 1.5 inch slots in 2-column grids, it gives you enough days to write out a calendar, with space for your daily tasks. It even gives you some extra slots, too, to write down important notes or lists for the month—things that normally wouldn’t fit on your tending list.

A   S P A C E  for everything, with everything in it’s  P L A C E.

What kind of planner works best for you? Please do share! 



3 thoughts on “Fresh Starts // PowerSheets Tip

  1. Courtney says:

    I tried bullet journaling for a while this Summer and loved it, but it’s way too time consuming for me, so I recently got a Studio C planner from Walmart, and it’s been great! I also really like having Google Calendar on my phone, synced with Cord’s phone– makes life a little bit simpler! 🙂


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