Legacy and Heirlooms


I love hand-me-downs, because they tell a story. Maybe it’s who I am as a writer colliding with my younger history buff self, but there’s something precious about connecting with people’s stories.

A hand-me-down is an invitation to continue on the journey, making history of your own. 

This autumn, my grandmother gave me a pair of earrings she wore as a newlywed. My entire life, I’ve never seen grandma wear these earrings. Yet, they were special to her because of the memories they held from her younger years, enough to hang on to them and keep them safe all these years.

There are some items worth treasuring for the story they tell. 

I’m all for not holding on to things you don’t need or don’t wear—but there are certain items that are worth holding on to for what they may mean to others. In keeping these pieces safe, even when you don’t wear them or use them, it says I love you in a way that crosses generations.

It’s a legacy of history, a legacy of love.

An invitation to continue making history while still being connected to the past.


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