Hope of Spring


Maybe it’s weird to be talking already about   S P R I N G   when the midwest hasn’t even officially hit   W I N T E R , but in reality:

I need the hope of spring to get me through. 

So when I saw this little $2.99 delicate flower at Aldi in the midst of poinsettias and Christmas cactuses (cacti? whatever, there were multiples), I knew I needed to snatch it up. As I held it in my hands, tracing the buds that were about to open, it whispered promise to my soul.

Promise of   H O P E .

Promise of   N E W   things.

Promise that winter seasons don’t last   F O R E V E R .

A promise that God is here, even in the midst of dark seasons, cold season, hard season. A promise that hope will spring forth from darkness, life will come from ashes, and the sheets of ice will melt into rivers of water again.

Even as the days grow darker and colder, my little white flowers bloom on, a still and silent reminder whispering to my heart:

Keep blooming, even here. 

What reminders of   H O P E   does your heart need today?

(also- it won’t make life easier, but you may just want to head to your nearest Aldi and buy yourself your own hope-promise flowers. amen.)


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