Brown Over Black // Funeral Fashion


D R E S S I N G   W E L L   is a form of   G O O D   M A N N E R S 

– Tom Ford –

December is normally filled with holiday parties and a festive spirit, but I think it’s important to remember that not everyone is enjoying holiday cheer.

For some, the holidays will never be the same. 

This past weekend was my aunt’s funeral. She truly was one of the classiest woman I knew, with an air of grace and poise about her. And while most people no longer follow funeral protocol or tradition, I knew it would be important to honor my aunt’s legacy with appropriate attire.

Except, I refuse to wear  B L A C K .

So I substituted black for brown—a color that suits my complexion much better and one I’m more comfortable in. I purchased this 4-sizes-too-big brown   D R E S S    from the thrift store several years ago, and after altering it, it has become one of my staple wardrobe items. I wore a warm camel-color   S W E A T E R   underneath, knowing that we would be going to the cemetery after the funeral service. Some funeral traditions forbid the wearing of jewelry and leather, so in lieu of a necklace I wore a rich yet neutral   S C A R F   along with a faux leather   B E L T .

C L A S S Y   and   R E S P E C T F U L .

Some occasions still require proper etiquette, no mater how modern the times. 


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