2018 // Wild + Holy


G O A L S   aren’t things to be   C H E C K E D   O F F — they are meant to be   L I V E D

Years ago, I used to make elaborate New Years Resolutions that never became reality—because let’s admit, how practical is the goal of sewing an entire historical wardrobe? In my defense, I do think I accomplished more of my NYR than most people in spite of my go-big-or-go-home approach.

Yet looking back, I don’t remember most of those goals today. 

So instead of making a list and never checking it twice on New Years Day, one year I decided to   N A M E   my year. To give it a theme word that would carry me through the highs and lows, an invitation of sorts for God to come in and work in big ways.

2013: The Year of Living in the Center of God’s Will 

2014: The Year of Echad (Living for the Audience of One)

2015: The Year of Emuna (Faith) 

2016: The Year of Savor 

2017: The Year of Celebration 

2018: The Year of Wild + Holy 

W I L D   +   H O L Y .   For me, it’s an invitation to follow Holy Spirit in bold and brave ways. It’s love and law, it’s chaos and calm.

It’s where Holy Spirit shows up and miracles happen. 

I admit, naming the year “Wild + Holy” seems like I’m asking for a crazy life—but then again, if my life is already a crazy circus…

I just want   G O D   to   S H O W   U P   in it.

So hey there, 2018. Let’s do wild + holy together. 


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