Building H O M E


“A man travels the  W O R L D  over in search of what he  N E E D S  and returns  H O M E  to find it.” -George A. Moore

When I think of what I want my life to look like when I’m 80, I keep coming back to a picture of the home I want to have. It’s filled with unique treasures, every piece holding a story and a tale of some  W I L D  and  H O L D  adventure God led me on.

It’s a colorful collaboration of temporal and eternal.

It’s a place where the turquoise front door swings open in warm welcome to anyone who passes by, a place where I want you to stop and sit on the porch swing—

and drink lemonade and share what adventures you’ve been on when I’m too old to travel the world. 

It’s a place of sustainability and greenery and growth, a place of art and worship and praise. Because when I’m 80, I hope to have realized- while God takes us all over the world, He always brings us back to the places and people who mattered.

H O M E the first place we learned to love people. 


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