Hey there!

If you’ve stopped by, I hope this means we can be friends. Having a space on the web is like always having your front door open, welcoming every person and inviting them to journey with you through lyfe.

(Why LYFE? Not LIFE? Go read my first post.)

I’m one of those people who have so many different interests and passions, and I hope one day I’ll learn to do them all well. This site is just a way for me to share my journey with you, and hopefully sparks your own creativity along the way.

I love faith. I love relationships. I love seeing people the way God sees them, and seeing myself the way God sees me.

I love oils. But believe me, I don’t ever want to be one of those annoying “oil people”, spamming you out. I just want to invite you on a journey with me- to health, to financial freedom, to being equipped to pursue all God has created me to do.

I love fashion. I love the challenge of modest fashion. I love the way you can turn fashion into art- and how it’s supposed to make you feel, rather than how it’s supposed to be.

I love being creative. Whether in the kitchen, in the studio, or going to the grocery store, I want to add little flourishes of creativity along the way- just to let people know that I’ve been there. (And no, I’ve never done graffiti, if that’s your next question concerning the grocery store comment)

I love hospitality. Obviously, if I’m inviting you into my own little space on the web, I want to share what I have and make you feel at home. If I could, I’d toss you an apron and have you join me in whipping up a sweet treat before we sit down on the porch together and share lyfe together.

I love encouraging people. That’s why I became a certified life coach, to help others cross the bridge between mundane life to abundant lyfe. To help people discover their niche, their talents, their place to thrive rather than survive.

I love sharing with friends- which is why I share reviews, testimonials, and links for products that I love. By participating in affiliate programs (such as Amazon Services LLC Associates Program), I receive commission when you click and purchase through links on my site. However- I only share products that I personally use, enjoy, and think that you may enjoy, too. Basically, in short, this entire paragraph is legal terms for “Disclosure of Material Connection”, disclosing in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 16 CFR, Part 225…keeping it all on the up-and-up!