They say if life gives you limes, make limeade.

Okay, the saying is really about lemons, but sometimes you don’t feel like you have any of the right ingredients to turn even a sour disappointment into something beautiful.

I understand. I felt that way, too. Life was mundane and I wasn’t satisfied. I felt like there was more- more purpose, more meaning, more feeling fully alive.

Then I discovered coaching…and things that were once conflicting, began to shift into alignment. I discovered what made me feel alive, and how I could pursue passion and purpose- and what I was created to do.

I want to extend the same opportunity to you.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (1=least satisfied vs. 10=most satisfied), how would you rate…

-Personal Spiritual Life/Growth

-Physical Health

-Home Life/Relationships

-Personal Order/Organization/Efficiency

-Friends/Social Life


-Financial Stability

-Physical Environment


The thing is, if you could dream up an ideal day, what would it look like? How would these areas align? What sense of peace and purpose would you have? 

Coaching isn’t counseling. We’re not going to talk about why you have limes instead of lemons. We’re going to talk about where you want to go, and how you can get there. It’s about accountability in your goals, and fighting for the fruit you want.

It’s listening. It’s validating. It’s encouraging. It’s planning.

It’s seeing you trade the limes you have for whatever fruit you want.

So friend- do you want change? Go on. Drop me an email, and let’s start the journey together!

Or maybe- maybe encouraging is your thing, too. Maybe you want to equip yourself to become a life coach yourself. Share your questions, and I’d love to show you how!