Essential Oils


I know- in an oversaturated oily world, why do you really want to be hearing about oils again?

I feel the same way. 

But for me, oils are far more than a “fad” or a nice idea. It’s a balanced lifestyle, a way of not only supporting my health, but also a way of financial support as well.

You see, my heart is missions. It’s where I come alive. I love traveling and sharing and speaking life into others…but you can’t do it while having a 9-5 job.

You can’t do it with an empty bank account, either. 

So the thing is- if I already use essential oils (glorious oily amazingness that they are!), and if I have an opportunity to establish a lifestyle of freedom through them (yes yes YES!)…then I certainly am not going to let over-saturation intimidate me!

I hope you don’t let it intimidate you, either. 

I crave balance and wellness, both body and soul. I want to be physically equipped for wherever God leads me- and I want to be financially equipped for the same reasons, too. I’ve watched friends retire in their 30’s, travel the world, adopt children, give thousands away to charity- all through essential oils.

How could essential oils be the key to your dreams? 

I really want you to come discover where those dreams could lead if you began this multifaceted path of freedom. I want us to support each other on the journey, to share our hearts and secrets of where we hope to go.

What are you waiting for? Let’s go! 

Drop me an email or message through Instagram, and let me help you set yourself up for success! Join the tribe and know that you’ll never be walking this alone.