2018 // Wild + Holy


G O A L S   aren’t things to be   C H E C K E D   O F F — they are meant to be   L I V E D

Years ago, I used to make elaborate New Years Resolutions that never became reality—because let’s admit, how practical is the goal of sewing an entire historical wardrobe? In my defense, I do think I accomplished more of my NYR than most people in spite of my go-big-or-go-home approach.

Yet looking back, I don’t remember most of those goals today. 

So instead of making a list and never checking it twice on New Years Day, one year I decided to   N A M E   my year. To give it a theme word that would carry me through the highs and lows, an invitation of sorts for God to come in and work in big ways.

2013: The Year of Living in the Center of God’s Will 

2014: The Year of Echad (Living for the Audience of One)

2015: The Year of Emuna (Faith) 

2016: The Year of Savor 

2017: The Year of Celebration 

2018: The Year of Wild + Holy 

W I L D   +   H O L Y .   For me, it’s an invitation to follow Holy Spirit in bold and brave ways. It’s love and law, it’s chaos and calm.

It’s where Holy Spirit shows up and miracles happen. 

I admit, naming the year “Wild + Holy” seems like I’m asking for a crazy life—but then again, if my life is already a crazy circus…

I just want   G O D   to   S H O W   U P   in it.

So hey there, 2018. Let’s do wild + holy together. 


Celebrate the Small

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 12.04.10 PM

“Who dares despise the day of  S M A L L   T H I N G S …” ZECHARIAH 4:10

I’m a dreamer. I focus on the big picture and how I can get there. I’m a freedom-chaser, a world-changer, and I don’t like to slow down on my way to achieving a goal.

Small things are hard to put in my viewfinder. 

Are you the same? It is easy to celebrate big achievements and to celebrate others as we build community together, but sometimes we have to stop our running and pursuing and just celebrate now.

Celebrate the  B E I N G.

Celebrate the  I N   B E T W E E N. 

Celebrate the  W A I T I N G. 

Celebrate the  S M A L L. 

Maybe if we just slowed down enough to savor the small moments, the pockets of joy God places in our path, our vision of His love for us would grow until we saw everything as an opportunity to celebrate His goodness.

How will you celebrate those moments today?

He Cares


“He will  C O V E R  you with His  F E A T H E R S, and under His wings you will find  R E F U G E; His faithfulness will be your  S H I E L D  and rampart.” -PSALM 91:4

These little bottles—a gift from a friend—sit on my dresser. Every day, they stand as a powerful and visual reminder:

I am seen.

I am seen by God, the same God that sees whenever a sparrow falls. I am carried in His love, hidden under His wings of faithfulness.

He holds my every tear.

He  C A R E S .

He genuinely, truly, with all His heart, cares. 

Maybe you’re in a hard season, feeling like your tears and prayers are going unnoticed.

They’re not. 

Every tear is held in His hand, right along with your heart. Every desire and prayer you’ve cried out is precious to Him.

Don’t ever doubt it—your emotions in this hard season are important to Him. 

S T A Y  within the shadow of His refuge, knowing that you are held in  L O V E.

Enter into worship, even here. Build an alter from the ashes. Bring praise from the valley to the mountaintop.

“You keep track of all my  S O R R O W S.  You have collected all my  T E A R S  in Your bottle. You have recorded each one in Your  B O O K.” -PSALM 56:8

(p.s.  T H I S  is one of my favorite worship albums right now—and if you’re in a hard season, I think it’ll be one of your favorites, too)

Accepted and Approved

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 2.54.11 PM

“To the  P R A I S E  of the  G L O R Y  of His  G R A C E, by which He made us  A C C E P T E D  in the  B E L O V E D.” -Ephesians 1:6

It feels like we’re always struggling for approval. To be noticed. To be wanted. To know that we fit in and we’re needed. But here’s a secret—

Sometimes the most popular people are the ones who feel the loneliest. 

Large followings on social media doesn’t equate into friends, people you know who will be there to encourage you and pray for you, people who will reach out to give to you rather than always take. Yet, we believe the lie that the amount of “likes” we get on Instagram slides into our acceptance scale of how valued we are in the world.

You’re already accepted in Christ. 

People play with power and want to make others feel subject to their desires. They want to feel the control over how you feel and how you view your worth, but you can shout the truth in the face of lies:

No one can take away the acceptance that wasn’t theirs to give in the first place.

You’re approved.

You’re beloved. 

You are wanted by the Most High God.

Consider it sealed, signed and delivered from His heart to yours- you are accepted, and it brings Him so much glory and praise.

And no one has the right to steal His glory and praise away. 

Look loneliness, fear, and rejection in the eye and say, “Oh no. No way. Not today, not ever.”


A Beautiful Lyfe


C R E A T I V I T Y  is not a mood.  C R E A T I V I T Y  is not a gift.

It is the very N A T U R E  of God inside you.” -DAN MCCOLLAM

Go back and read that quote again.

Did you? Okay. 

When you realize that creativity isn’t just some haphazard expression but it’s the very nature of God being expressed through you, it brings your creativity to a whole new level of meaning.

It has purpose.

It has beauty.

It’s a holy experience. 

So many people brush their creativity to the side with words to diminish its worth. By denial, we speak death over our creativity instead of speaking life. We view our expressions of creativity through eyes of flesh instead of eyes of the Spirit, seeing the flaws instead of seeing God show up.

We trade the holiness of God expressed through paint and art and food for the sole strength of our pride. 

“Our weakness is a V E S S E L  for His P O W E R  and a C A N V A S  for


We don’t just minimize our creativity, but we do it with our days, too. This moves beyond simply creating art—what if we saw all of our life as a canvas? A holy canvas, where God invites us to splatter paint and colors right along with Him? What if we saw the chaos as a masterpiece in progress? Where He comes and defines our blurry lines and adds color where we didn’t know it needed to be?

This. This would be a beautiful lyfe. 

Don’t be afraid of getting messy and letting the colors fly. 


Spirit Lead Me


S P I R I T  lead me where my trust is without B O A R D E R S

What would it look like if I gave God total permission to rearrange my life?

I’m confident it would look pretty chaotic from my human perspective, but more specifically, it would look like a lot of trust.

Complete trust. 

Do I completely trust God to do what He wants in me?

We are addicted to control. We want to control relationships, situations, and all the settings.

What if we became addicted to Holy Spirit taking control of us instead?

Life might be more hectic, more crazy, more spontaneous- but I guarantee it will be more of a beautiful adventure rather than a battle of wills.

I guarantee it will look like stepping out of your comfort zone, but I can guarantee you’ll be given a testimony like none other.

So where is Holy Spirit leading you today, where your trust knows no end?

Holding on to Hope


Want to know the T R U T H?

September was a tough month.

I was hit by wave after wave of hard things and shattered dreams. Night after night of staying up in intense prayer over people dear to my heart. Scrambling back up after getting knocked down, again and again and again.

It kind of drains the hope right out of you, along with the dreams that lay broken on the floor.

Drains the strength right out of you, too. 

Yet those who HOPE in the Lord will renew their strength.

H O P E = strength.

When I’m feeling low on strength, feeling like I can’t get through this day–this month, this season, this year–I need to check myself for HOPE. To be honest, I don’t often find hope there- I find fear instead. Fear of failing again, fear of hopes dashed.

But does that kind of attitude reflect the great love of God?

Do I truly hope in the goodness of God? Am I rejoicing in hope in the midst of this circumstance, knowing that there are GOOD THINGS to come?

Sometimes you don’t just need a heart check, you need a hope check

Maybe your heart needs to be reminded to hope today. Maybe you need to do a search on the word HOPE in your Bible just to be reminded of how important it is. Maybe you need to sit down and make a list of all the good things you want to see manifest tomorrow that don’t seem like a reality today.

Maybe you need to be reminded how much God wants us to hope. 

It’s okay to dream big, and if the pieces fall shattered, still God is good.

But you can’t just stay there in shards of broken hope and glass. 

Keep dreaming. Keep hoping. Keep holding out for your miracle.

Keep holding on to hope.