Brown Over Black // Funeral Fashion


D R E S S I N G   W E L L   is a form of   G O O D   M A N N E R S 

– Tom Ford –

December is normally filled with holiday parties and a festive spirit, but I think it’s important to remember that not everyone is enjoying holiday cheer.

For some, the holidays will never be the same. 

This past weekend was my aunt’s funeral. She truly was one of the classiest woman I knew, with an air of grace and poise about her. And while most people no longer follow funeral protocol or tradition, I knew it would be important to honor my aunt’s legacy with appropriate attire.

Except, I refuse to wear  B L A C K .

So I substituted black for brown—a color that suits my complexion much better and one I’m more comfortable in. I purchased this 4-sizes-too-big brown   D R E S S    from the thrift store several years ago, and after altering it, it has become one of my staple wardrobe items. I wore a warm camel-color   S W E A T E R   underneath, knowing that we would be going to the cemetery after the funeral service. Some funeral traditions forbid the wearing of jewelry and leather, so in lieu of a necklace I wore a rich yet neutral   S C A R F   along with a faux leather   B E L T .

C L A S S Y   and   R E S P E C T F U L .

Some occasions still require proper etiquette, no mater how modern the times. 


Legacy and Heirlooms


I love hand-me-downs, because they tell a story. Maybe it’s who I am as a writer colliding with my younger history buff self, but there’s something precious about connecting with people’s stories.

A hand-me-down is an invitation to continue on the journey, making history of your own. 

This autumn, my grandmother gave me a pair of earrings she wore as a newlywed. My entire life, I’ve never seen grandma wear these earrings. Yet, they were special to her because of the memories they held from her younger years, enough to hang on to them and keep them safe all these years.

There are some items worth treasuring for the story they tell. 

I’m all for not holding on to things you don’t need or don’t wear—but there are certain items that are worth holding on to for what they may mean to others. In keeping these pieces safe, even when you don’t wear them or use them, it says I love you in a way that crosses generations.

It’s a legacy of history, a legacy of love.

An invitation to continue making history while still being connected to the past.

Pinterest Knock-off // Autumn Brights

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 11.30.26 AM

Y ‘ A L L 

I have been eyeing this outfit on Pinterest for the past few months, and I just can’t get it out of my head. Maybe it’s my love for mustard yellow or how I always gravitate towards the color rust, but regardless, I keep coming back to this photo.

I N S P I R A T I O N  aside, the product prices are basically highway robbery.

I thought maybe I could find a skirt similar at a thrift store.  Yet as much as I love thrifting, I’ve done enough to know that if you want a particular item, it generally involves a long wait and much scouring of as many thrift stores as you can before you find it.

A U T U M N  ain’t got time for that, honey.

Then all of the sudden, I remembered a scrap of rust-colored corduroy that my grandma gave me several years ago. Maybe if I was careful, I could eek out enough material for a pencil skirt of my own!

Then  G O D   S H O W E D   U P.   Oh, did He ever show up. 

I found the fabric in a bin of projects waiting to be completed, but when I pulled it out I couldn’t believe it.

I was holding a finished pencil skirt.

You guys, somehow I  M A D E  a pencil skirt a few years ago . . .  of the  E X A C T   S A M E   C O L O R   as the one from Pinterest—and I had enough fabric to boot. Literally the only thing left was to sew on an optional pocket, and bam. Enter in my favorite wardrobe piece of the season.

G O D   C A R E S. 

You can call it a coincidence or a happy accident how everything fell into place, but God genuinely and deeply cares about every little desire of our heart. He cares about the things that makes us smile and He’s determined to display His extravagant love in our lives.

Apparently He cares about what I like on Pinterest too. 

“And why do you  W O R R Y  about clothes? See how the  F L O W E R S  of the field grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you that not even  S O L O M O N  in all his splendor was  D R E S S E D  like one of these. If that is how God  C L O T H E S  the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will he not  M U C H   M O R E  clothe you—you of little faith?” -MATTHEW 6:28-30


Minimalist Closet Revolution: Two Staples

Note: This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for your support!

M I N I M A L I S M  (especially among millennials) is such a hot topic. Look on Pinterest and you will be bombarded with capsule wardrobes containing 8 pieces of clothing somehow make 12,543 different outfits (yeah, right).

Although I can appreciate the simplicity of minimalism, I also love diversity and variation…but I value efficiency over all.

Which, is why two staples in my wardrobe have revolutionized the way I dress, no matter the season:

H A L F T E E  and  J E G G I N G S.

If you’re like me and grew up in the culture of modesty, you know that those two items are almost taboo. However, when layered and worn correctly (i.e. JEGGINGS ARE NOT JEANS, so spare the world by wearing a top that covers your backside!), they broaden your fashion horizons without compromising standards- or style.

These two pieces allow me to transition from season to season. They give functionality to my closet, regardless of how the weather changes. Let me give you a glimpse into how it works.

S P R I N G: To accommodate for modesty without hindering bouncy spring style, pairing a Halftee with a sleeveless dress adds coverage without weighing the outfit down.

S U M M E R: Modesty always seems hardest (or hottest?) in the summer months, but layering a Halftee with a v-neck t-shirt is an easy and quick way to stay cool without a plunging neckline. Easy breezy!

A U T U M N: As the weather begins to turn cooler, it’s a smooth transition by wearing a pair of jeggings with shorter skirts. Roll or cuff the jeggings to a capri length and put on a pair of ankle boots!

W I N T E R: Cue the season where all the layers are acceptable! Wear jeggings tucked inside riding boots, along with a knee-length dress, layered with a Halftee and cozy cardigan.

My absolute favorite pair of jeggings was purchased at a local boutique (by far, best article of clothing I ever paid full price for!), but you can find the exact same pair on Amazon. They’re soft, stretchy, and look like jeans- but you can pull off the layered look without the bulk!

Although Halftee offers many styles and colors, my staple is their 3/4 sleeve. For a higher neckline, I wear them backwards and have never had a problem with gaping. For years I was on the fence to whether or not I was willing to spend $21 on a half shirt (let’s face it, I don’t even pay $21 for a full shirt!), but I’m totally sold now! I wear mine at least every other day- it would be every day, but eventually I do need to wash them.

In a world promoting minimalism, don’t just shrink your closet- think smart. Invest in those key pieces that will expand your wardrobe, even if you choose to have only a few items!

Note: I am not being paid by Halftee to share this review. I purchased my Halftee on my own, and simply fell in love- and wanted to share it with you, too!