Hope of Spring


Maybe it’s weird to be talking already about   S P R I N G   when the midwest hasn’t even officially hit   W I N T E R , but in reality:

I need the hope of spring to get me through. 

So when I saw this little $2.99 delicate flower at Aldi in the midst of poinsettias and Christmas cactuses (cacti? whatever, there were multiples), I knew I needed to snatch it up. As I held it in my hands, tracing the buds that were about to open, it whispered promise to my soul.

Promise of   H O P E .

Promise of   N E W   things.

Promise that winter seasons don’t last   F O R E V E R .

A promise that God is here, even in the midst of dark seasons, cold season, hard season. A promise that hope will spring forth from darkness, life will come from ashes, and the sheets of ice will melt into rivers of water again.

Even as the days grow darker and colder, my little white flowers bloom on, a still and silent reminder whispering to my heart:

Keep blooming, even here. 

What reminders of   H O P E   does your heart need today?

(also- it won’t make life easier, but you may just want to head to your nearest Aldi and buy yourself your own hope-promise flowers. amen.)


Fresh Starts // PowerSheets Tip


“Tomorrow is always  F R E S H, with no mistakes in it.”  —L. M. MOUNTGOMERY

For the majority of my life, my mother has been trying to get me to use a planner consistently. You will rarely find her without her planner in hand—while I can’t find mine buried on my desk.

Planners don’t work for me. 

But the older I got, I realized I did need something in my life to help me keep everything together…and PowerSheets have been that for me. There’s something about chasing a dream and goal, rather than simply listing all the tasks.

It gives space for creativity right alongside of productivity. 

PowerSheets have been a game changer for me, but they still lack the daily planner element. I understand the reasons why they want to keep goal planner from personal daily planner separate—but let’s be honest, if I had a hard enough time keeping track of ONE planner, there’s no way I’m keeping track of two.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. 

If you’re a PowerSheets user, you’ll notice that there’s three  B L A N K  pages every month, which, if you divide each page out into approx. 1.5 inch slots in 2-column grids, it gives you enough days to write out a calendar, with space for your daily tasks. It even gives you some extra slots, too, to write down important notes or lists for the month—things that normally wouldn’t fit on your tending list.

A   S P A C E  for everything, with everything in it’s  P L A C E.

What kind of planner works best for you? Please do share! 


The Work of Bloom

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 4.24.38 PM

B L O O M  where you’re  P L A N T E D.

Honestly, I really don’t like that quote. I’d much rather be planted somewhere else than just here—somewhere else more exciting, more filled with life and adventure.

We think of blooming as a metamorphose, something that just happens. Life will eventually even out and things will get better. But what people don’t tell you?

Blooming is  W O R K. 

It’s a choice to bloom. It doesn’t just happen. It means cultivating the soil, finding the right ratio of water and sun—

It’s creating an atmosphere where blooming is possible. 

It means discovering what you’re passionate about, taking risks, and finding what makes you thrive. It means creating community you can connect with, it means doing the things you love, and it means being grateful for this life God has given you.

It means partnering with Him to find your way to bloom. 

So  W H A T  does that look like for you, in order to  B L O O M  where you’re planted?

LYFE: Because with an “I”, it’s mundane


N E W  B E G I N N I N G S  are always so…awkward. Trying to figure out how you belong. How you fit. Where your niche is. Who your tribe is, what community you create.

New beginnings stretch you, like a seed yearning for sunlight, pushing through the depths of cold soil in order to feel warmth. To feel life.

Or, should I say,  L Y F E. 

The Urban Dictionary spells lyfe “with a ‘y’ because the normal word ‘life’ is so mundane and meaningless.” It goes on to say the word life is thrown around, without a place or passion for living. It’s become a saying and catchphrase, a word void of power because it’s so often void of purpose.

I don’t want a mundane life. I want to soar, to thrive, to feel completely and utterly alive. To live victoriously, freely, deeply. To splatter colors of God’s glory anywhere and everywhere I go. To create and laugh, to smile and become all I was made to be.

Welcome to my little spot of the web, where I hope to do just that. 

I want to share from my heart in hopes that it touches yours. That you feel your soul come alive, that you find your niche and have the bravery to pursue it.

That you join me on a journey, of not just living, but having a victorious lyfe. 

X O,